Tuesday, July 27, 2010

San Diego Comic-Con

Went to SDCC this past Friday. There is a few rules to follow for a successful day of Nerdom.
1) Get in and get out - woke up at 5, landed at 8, beers at 12, dinner at 7 and flight out at 10
2) Go in w a plan - chart out who and what you want to see and stick to it
3) No panels! - now this is a hard one cause there is alot of good talks, but that means at least 2 hours in line before the presentation, 2 hours you can't afford to lose.
4) Stick to a amount - go to a ATM and take out some cash. When the money runs out - thats it. No going back to a ATM...... unless you have a credit card ;)
While at Comic-Con, left a trail of post-its behind me wherever I went. My cheap advertising for my other site, The Daily Post-it
Two nerds on the 6:45am flight down to San Diego. Make sure to go check out my bud Ev's site
Met up w Buzz and the gang while I was there
Fellow Pixar Animator Angus Maclane signing his lego creation, CubeDudes. Had to pull some serious strings to be able to get my hands on one of those boxes!
TS3 toys spotted

The Walking Dead. By far, the thing i'm looking forward to the most this year! More then any movie, book, or album coming out.

Come back in a few days and i'll be doing a post on my Siggraph visit.

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  1. YYYYYYEEEEEEESSSS!!! The Walking Dead is amazing and I hope the show lives up.