Thursday, September 16, 2010


A few weeks back the OMCA - Oakland Museum of California had a family day for all Pixar Employees to see the new exhibit, PIXAR / 25 Years of Animation. I remember 5 years ago when it opened in NYC while I was working at BlueSky, I was excited and a bummed at the same time. Excited to see the exhibit, bummed that I was not part of it.

5 years later, on a different coast. I was so incredibly happy and proud to take my family to see the final exhibit before it ends its 5 year run. It was definetly a moment to exhale and enjoy all the beautiful art for a day, after a 13 year (4745 days) journey to Pixar.

Gotta stick a post-it where ever I go :)
Still the best art I ever created - My two beautiful kids.
Must have LUXO for it to be a Pixar Event
Cover of the OMCA - 25 Years of Pixar Museum Book
My good friend, Daniel's drawing. Known him since college when we both dreamed of working for the Lamp, over 16 years ago. So proud to see his art in the show!

The Mighty Zoetrope!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Comers Children Hospital

This past weekend I went to Comer's Children Hospital of Chicago. It was great to walk into a room and see a child who has no idea who I am or why I am there. I pull up next to their bed and ask them what is their favorite Pixar character? Pulling out my pen and paper, I start to sketch. Watching their puzzled face turn to shear happiness when they see Woody staring back at them. Or Jessie, McQueen, Dory, Dash, I even got a request for SpongeBob :)

It was certainly a moment I will always remember.
Comer's Children Hospital
Practicing the night before in my hotel room
Still practicing, this time at lunch before I head off to the hospital

After a successful visit, my left hand looks like it went through a war-zone