Thursday, July 1, 2010


Just finished my interview over at SKETCHOHOLIC.
Was great to see my old friend Bobby again.

During the talk there was a fun drawing assignment, draw Mr-BLANK-Head.
Below are a few of the stand-outs that made me laugh. Enjoy!

Thanks Bobby and Kei for a great nite!

If you missed the talk, click HERE for the replay.


  1. ugh Aaron... Such an inspiring interview!!! Even listening to it the second time around, it just blows me away to hear were you started to now. It gives me so much energy to keep going. I can't wait to start my journey.

    Also, I'm digging the overtime beard :)

  2. Hey Aaron, that was such an inspiriing interview and shows that hard work and perserverance pays off! You are a legend!

  3. Now we knoe better why you are such a great animator. Looking forward to see your work at Cars 2. Congratulations

  4. Well, I'm not sure if I can top 芸茂's comments, but I might put it another way:

    Thanks for doing the interview, it was a good insight into what it takes to play in the big league's. There was a great deal of genuine openness and frankness that shows not only a real love of animation, but of the essential part of the business: sharing those hard-learned lessons.

    Also, I think that as great as all the rest of Toy Story 3 was, Mr. Tortilla-Head was my favorite. I would love to see the reference footage of you checking tortilla physics!

  5. Wow man, I absolutely loved the interview. Your drive and perseverance are very inspirational. Keep up the great work!

  6. great interview. (good choices on the art as well!) your work schedule balanced with your personal learning time sounds exactly like mine... which made me not feel quite as crazy. ;)

    btw, Mr.Tortilla-Head was one of my favorite parts of TS3. i was seriously crying laughing during those scenes. amazing work!

  7. wonderful