Sunday, September 7, 2014

Pixar Post Podcast

I recently did a interview for a podcast over at the website

They are doing a series titled Pixar Pipeline Project in which they speak to different Pixarians about the different stages of production. I, like most I suppose, gets nervous talking about oneself. Especially when you, the talker, go back and listen to yourself speak. 'Do I really sound like that?' 'My voice sounds like Scooby Doo and Krusty the Clown had a kid' are just a few of the things that pop into my head as I listen to my own voice played back to me.

That being said, they did a great job! They edited out a lot of my stammering and fumbling of words so that when you hear my answers, I sound way smarter and direct then I am in person. Now if only they could edit me in real time

If you have a half hour, listen to the new-and-improved me here: