Friday, June 25, 2010

Interview at

This Thursday nite, July 1st, i'm being interviewed at Bobby Chiu's

The cool part is during the interview there is a contest. Since I animated Mr. Tortilla-head in Toy Story 3, thought it might be fun for people to draw their own version of Mr. BLANK head. Take out the 'Potato' and put in whatever you want - Mr. Tire Head, Mr. Donut Head, you get the idea.

The most clever drawing, wins a sketch of Mr. TortillaHead by yours truly. And if your saying right now 'im not a artist, I can't submit' No worries, the most clever idea wins!
-------------- click on the pic for more details ---------------
Hope to see you all Thursday nite!


  1. mr tortilla head was one of the best of the movie :D <3333

  2. btw.. ok.. the most clever idea T_T i'm gonna send my sketches!! wish me luck n_n

  3. amazing sequence on the movie.. the one that actually cracked me up! ;) and pretty cool contest going on too!!

    cheers Aaron!

  4. Good contest. I'll really try to watch the interview.

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  6. Just saw the interview, that was a really great speech! That's a shame that Mr-Jabulani-Head did not won, but I'll keep on driving (just like you said) and maybe I won at another time.
    Thanks for inspiring again.

  7. My wife was in tears laughing at the Mr. Tortilla Head scenes. Kudos for making such a memorable contribution to a classic movie!

  8. hiii.
    How often do u use pose libraries .
    How do u reuse pose libraries..
    Does using poses libraries fastens up u r animation !!

  9. just listening to the interview now, and there's some really helpful stuff! thanks for sharing your process with us. also, the mr.tortilla head sequence had the audience in stitches all three times that i've seen the film. GREAT work.

  10. Congrats from Adelaide, South Australia on one of the best scenes in TS3 - went to search for an image of Mr Tortilla Head but none to be found - is there a stock one?