Saturday, June 19, 2010


WARNING: Contains Spoilers. Wait to read until you've seen Toy Story 3

Below is a list of my TS3 shots:

1) Young Andy playing w his toys (VHS tape recording)
- Andy saying 'Buzz look out!' pointing Woody's hand. Grabs Buzz and flies him by the camera
- Andy points Buzz's laser to camera, then makes Buzz and Woody high five
- Andy watching t.v. - gives Rex a piece of Popcorn
2) Ken meets Barbie for the 1st time. Dreamweaver music playing in the background
3) Trixie typing on the computer
- Woody 'who's velociraptor257' Trixie pushes him aside 'thats just a dinosaur down the street'
- Trixie and Rex in the end credits playing a videogame
4) Mr. Tortilla-Head vs. the Pigeon
- Mr T. giving Woody the baseball signal for 'its all clear'
- Mr T walking sideways on the ledge, opening and closing like a accordian. Stops suddenly because of shadow.
- Close up of Pigeon giving a quizzical look
- Mr T saying 'what are you looking at feathers?'
- Pigeon vs Mr T fight. After many pecks, punches and a kick to the bird groin, Pigeon flies away and Mr. T rips in half
- Mr T parts falling on ground 'well thats just great!'
- Mr T parts spot vegetable garden in the distance
5) Hamm pulls out cork, toys spill on table. Pushes hard to get last toy out of his money hole. 'Someone loose a arm?!'
6) The Potatoheads putting themselves back together again 'Where's my arm?' 'Honey, my mustache!'
7) Mr Potatohead pouring sand out of his head 'it was cold and dark, nothing but sand and a couple of lincoln logs'
8) Hamm - 'those weren't lincoln logs!'
9) Ken's Fashion Dance
- Ken sticks out his behind, giving Barbie a air-kiss
- Barbie makes a cat-claw motion w her hand 'Meeoowww'
10) Woody and Toys final look at each other before going into their boxes

Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did animating it.


  1. Aaron, you had some of the best shots in the movie and rocked them all! I loved the Mr. T scene with the bird as well as the ending credits scene with Rex and Trixie.

    Congratulations on all the hard work! :)

  2. You all did an AMAZING job. I loved every frame of it, and I cannot wait to watch it on dvd. Nice to know exactly who did some shots! The performances by the characters as a whole, to me, is probably the best acting I have ever seen in a movie, real or animated. And it's you guys that make it happen! Thank you. :)

  3. The Mr. T scene was hysterical, so funny, so well done, it makes me giggle even now just thinking about it. Ah, hell ... the whole film was well done an I'm madly in love with it. In fact, loved it so much that I saw it at a press screening and immediately paid to see it again the next day. I don't do that too often. Congrats to you and all the Pixar gang who gave all of us this wonderful film, I think it's sheer perfection.

  4. Saw it last night, loved it! The absolute PERFECT ending to the trilogy, I was on the verge of tears. You should be very proud of the work you did. I really laughed more at the tortilla scene than any other scene, awesome work, Aaron! Hope Cars 2 is going well!

  5. He Aaron.. Awesome job on TS3. Like everybody else, the tortilla sequence had me laughing out loud! Amazing how funny it was.. Congratulations on your shots, and the awesome opening weekend. Good luck on Cars 2

  6. Ken's fashion dance ha! The expression on ken's face and the quick zoom in to it, this shot probably gave me the biggest laugh out of the whole film.
    Im amazed with all the shots you juggled during production and you nailed them all.
    Can't wait to see it again and I hope production on Cars 2 is revving along smoothly...

  7. Great job Aaron! I just watched TS3. Amazing, amazing work! Loved Ken in the movie. Can't wait to watch it again. See you at Animation Mentor.

  8. You know, I saw Toy Story 3 again last night and I was was wondering if I could find out who did the Mr. Tortilla Head scenes. Those were just AMAZING! I couldn't believe it when I first saw it. (clap! clap! clap!) Awesome work all around!!

  9. It was FREAKING fantastic. I was speechless because I was laughing and crying so hard.

    And post pics of what you plan to wear to the Oscars so we can honestly tell you if you look bad! :)

    PS Mr. Tortilla Head. Delicious.

  10. Oh, Mr. Tortilla! So floppy, so wonderful! Thanks for sharing, I love this movie!

  11. Absolutely loved the film. Thanks so much for adding your touch to the trilogy.
    Kudos-- looks like a lot of your shots made it into the trailers!