Friday, June 24, 2011

CARS 2 in theatres today!

After a year of working on Mater, Francesco, Finn and the gang - Cars 2 opens in theatres today.

I'd be lying if I say I didn't follow what the critics are saying about the film. To be honest, 5 years ago when I watched the original Cars I was saying alot of the similar comments the critics are saying today. The thing is, 4 years ago I had my boy Jackson. It wasn't until I pressed play on the dvd player and watched my son smile ear to ear as he watched Lightning and Mater do tractor tipping, that I finally 'got it!'
The Cars franchise is not for me or the film critics - it's just good clean popcorn movie fun for the kids. And for that, I feel extremely proud to be part of it.

I'm going to love watching my son's smiling face as he watches Finn McMissle drive across the big screen this weekend.


  1. To hell with the critics! I saw it today and absolutely loved it!

    Great job Aaron and the whole Pixar team!

  2. That's very true. Most adults have forgotten that part of themselves that Cars is trying to appeal to. Only kids can really understand why it's so great!

  3. Hey, there are good reasons those Cars toys are still on shelves years after Cars 1. Congrats on the new movie!

  4. Totally agree with you. Every little kid I know loves Cars.

  5. I agree and I think that there is plenty of room for movies like this for kids and adults.

    its easy to criticize, it's hard to create.

    congrats and good job!!

  6. My little boy counted down the days until Cars 2 came out, we went the 1st day, & our entire family LOVED it! Thank you for making all my little Boy's dreams come true. His B-day is in a week and all he wants is "KA-CIAO".

  7. Yeeesshh!!! Eeeaakkss...

    The first Cars is still my favorite Pixar movie. I don't care what anyone else says.

  8. I like the first Cars movie. I haven't seen Cars 2 but I would check that one out. Thanks for sharing. exterior painting

  9. Aaron! I just came from watching Cars 2, and I must say: I'm 20 and I loved it.

    The story like you said, is indeed simple but lovely, but really, what got me in the movie were the amazing effects!
    I never watched the first Cars movie because I thought it would be too aimed for kids, but this one, from the very trailer got me hooked. I loved the explosions, speed, water, the action!
    wow pixar guys, thanks and keep up the good work, you never cease to impress me :)!

  10. Your son loved that movie, right? Of course, it's a kiddie show and it actually has a cool story. The idea of making an "all-alive-cars" cast is actually the first of Pixar's. It's entertaining. But, nothing will never ever be more entertaining than watching your son laugh and smile while watching. :)

    --Cassie Brendan

  11. I missed the opportunity to watch this last year. But I have it on DVD. I just bought it in the store for my kids. We'll try to watch this later.

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