Monday, April 25, 2011


I LOVE MY JOB! Where else do you get to take your 4 yr old son to see Elmo on your lunch break.

A new film was shown at Sundance called 'Being Elmo' about the life of Elmo's puppeteer, Kevin Clash. I can't say enough good things about this film! Even if your not a Elmo fan (personally I'm more a Gonzo guy!), the story is so inspiring watching a young boy making puppets out of his dad's old coat to a young man actually getting to perform next to his idol, Jim Henson.

I'm proud to say I cried 3 times during this film!

Elmo and his puppeteer, Kevin Clash
Elmo and Kevin spotted Jackson in the audience and came up to say hi!
Jackson and his new best friend Elmo!

A young fan watches Elmo up on stage.

If you ever get a chance to see this film - do it! I filled up my 'inspired' tank after watching the film.


  1. That's so awesome, I can't wait to see it!

  2. I'm so jealous! I love Elmo!

    Great photo of Jackson and him.

  3. Hey, thanks for the heads up. I'll definately be on the look out for it

  4. Hey Aaron! I got the chance to work on that film. I didn't do much for it, but seeing all of the old photos during the process was a real inspiration. One of my co-workers is is a muppeteer who worked with Henson and is a very close friend of Kevin's, so we got to hear a lot of really cool stories from behind the scenes,it was a real treat to be a part of something so special and I'm super stoked that you guys enjoyed it.

  5. I am a big fan of guys like Kevin who can bring such amazing characters to life. They are animators in my book.
    Thanks for sharing Aaron!

  6. ahh very nice I will look out for this

  7. Wow, cool! I can't wait to enjoy it!

  8. That is awesome!!! Having a son at home who worships Elmo has given me a new appreciation for the little red guy. I really want to see that film It's great to see that you're doing well on the west coast. We miss you at Blue Sky

  9. Sounds very touching. Will definitely check it out. One can never be too inspired.

  10. I saw this today at the Black Harvest Film Fest in Chicago. I LOVED it, and i cried several times as well! so inspirational!