Monday, November 1, 2010

Driveway Follies

On Oct 31st, the Hartlines hop in the car and head to the next town over to what is quickly becoming a Halloween tradition, Oakland's Driveway Follies. Standing there watching 30+ kids all dressed in their costumes staring at a puppet show in a driveway of a house, I feel like i've been teleported into a Norman Rockwell painting. Its the one time a year where I feel like im getting a glimpse of a more simple time. When people come out of their homes and talk to one another face to face rather then using their new app Face-Time.

It was a great night w the family.
Official Poster from Oakland Artist Michael Wertz
A brief moment from the Driveway Follies Show
My son Bee-Boy (his mom made it specially for him)

Finally here, The Walking Dead on AMC


  1. Yes! Larry's puppet show is an amazing treat every year. Oakland is quite lucky to have him!

  2. so happy you like Larry's show 1 Larry saw you nice page and showed it to me ( I live at the same house ) Thank you ! See you next year ! Carl Linkhart


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