Sunday, March 14, 2010

Filling up the book

Some of you may know that I have another site out there,

My Sunday ritual, drawing on post-its and logging last weeks submissions. Flipping through the pages and looking at the many post-its, I got a sense of pride. Odd yes, looking 3x3 squares could make me feel happy. Nevertheless, i'm proud i've stuck with this goofy gimmick I dreamed up one weekend and watch it grow into a full book of art :)

Below are a few pages from the book - enjoy!


  1. Full book?! It hasn't been 365 days yet. Let me know when you finish out the year and then we might have ourselves a deal. :)

    PS. Looks awesome! Were do I get a copy of my own? :)

  2. Awesome! Who knew Post-Its could be so much fun!

  3. your post-its are so great. I intend to try some, hahah

  4. this alone proves ur talent! love it

  5. Yeh, I always meant to ask you where the idea came from. Just outta the blue ey? I love coming by and checking in.
    Looks like we're all glad you kept it up too :)

  6. Loving Gervais, Merchant and Karl Pilkington on the last one, Pilkington on orange paper is an inspired choice, well done sir, well done.