Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fifteen minutes of fame..

Looks liked I used up my fifteen minutes of fame. PixarTalk decided to do a bio on yours truly. After fourteen years of trying to get my dream job, its weird to see a picture of me and Pixar on the same page. Even stranger, sharing the page with the talented Victor Navone.
I'm sure tomorrow they will realize they made a mistake and it'll be just Victor up there :)


  1. Sorry Dude,
    I believe in your success. This is just the beginning!!! :)

  2. Congratulations! But for some of us you have much more than fifteen minutes of fame!

  3. I see no mistake here, you deserve it! :)

  4. You! With Victor Navone... pshhhh! What's up with that?! ;) hahaha, that's awesome. Congrats on the filmography. Maybe I can squeeze right up there with you one of these days.... but more in the S section. :D haha Perhaps another 10 years from now.