Wednesday, May 27, 2009

a long road

'UP' is almost here! Just one more day.

Its been a long journey - back in Chicago I went to go see a film called 'Toy Story' on my lunch break. Walking out of that theater right into night school,  3 animated shorts, 5 siggraphs, 3 companies, 3 cities, countless demo reels, countless rejection letters, and 14 years later....

'UP' my 1st Pixar film.  

I love you Grandma and Grandpa Hartline. I hope there is theatres up there - because I thought of you a awful alot when I was animating on this film.


  1. Congrats Aaron!! I remember you telling me how long this road has been for ya. I'm very happy for you man!! Like I told ya before, your work was a big inspiration for me when I first started in animation and I'm gratfull for all your help when you were here at BlueSky. Above all though, you were always a great person to work with and I'm sure Pixar knows that now:) Good Luck man, cant wait to see UP tomorrow!!

    -Paul Diaz

  2. So proud of you my friend :)
    Congratulations Aaron!! You are such an awesome person, you deserve it all.

    The Imaginism crew is going tonight to catch the 12:01am show. I can't wait.

  3. Congratulations Aaron! I'm so excited to see UP! You definitely deserve it. What an amazing and inspirational journey!
    I will for sure be there opening day and watch for your name in the credits. :)

    (and I believe there are theatres UP there ;)

  4. Congratulations Aaron!!! You totally deserve it!
    The movie was AMAZING..

  5. wow! a long journey indeed... we all make our own destiny and you are now where you deserve to be.. and i can see that you are happy as hell! congratz and i hope to see your name in the next pixar films!

  6. Fantastic post. Very inspiring!


  7. Congratulations!

    Very inspiring indeed. I'm still in the rejection letters phase, but will keep pressing on and hopefully I'll get to work on some great films too.

  8. Cocopuffs!...LOL! yeah im still in rejections phase to though...but we will get there if we keep at it and stay passionate!
    so inspirational!!! Wow!!!


  9. Thanks everyone for the nice words!

    This has been a really great weekend - sitting there in the theatre with my son on my lap, my wife in tears as she watched Carl and Ellie on the screen and the clapping at the end of the movie.

    I will always remember this week of May 29th.

  10. I'm brazilian and i'm just so excited to see UP on the cinema.. A friend of mine was in the USA and she already saw the movie, she said thats awesome! I can't wait. And maybe one day I work in Pixar too ( it's my dream :D) Congratulations for beeing there. and sorry for my english mistakes..