Saturday, May 30, 2009

UP - The Shot List

Below is a list of some of the shots I worked on:

1) Young Carl in bed reading a book with a flashlight. A balloon floats in the window, startling him. Ellie pops her head up from outside 'Hey Kid!!' Carl screams 'AHHHHHHH' smacking his face with his arm cast. Ellie crawls through the window saying - 'I've got something to show ya!'

2) Russell at the dinner table says 'Hey, that looks like Kevin!' Muntz half turns away from the map on a wall 'Kevin?' Russell goes 'yeah, that my new giant bird pet - he followed us' Muntz now engaged into what the child is saying 'Follow you! Thats impossible - How!' Russell says 'he likes chocolate - he goes gaga over it!' Muntz now angered 'Chocolate?!' I did the Muntz shots of this sequence.

3) Russell just waking up notices the Kevin is missing. Tells Dug to find the bird. My shots are when Dug is sniffing around for Kevin saying 'find the bird, find the bird - POINT!' Russell runs in saying 'Oh, there he is!' as he points to the sky. Dug goes 'POINT!' now in the correct direction. Carl yells 'get off my roof!' then Dug follows and says 'Yeah, get off of his...Roof!' in his bark voice.
4) Russell goes off to save Kevin. Carl runs back to his house and trys pushing it, pulling it - anything to make it move. Giving up, he throws a chair in anger. Then he gets the idea to throw out all of his posessions.

5) Carl nearly falls out the window of the blimp - says 'Come on Kevin!' They both go climbing up the ladder as Muntz stumbles to his feet. Noticing them escaping, he reaches for Carl's leg - just missing it. Carl continues to climb when all of a sudden he slips - barely holding on. Looks down and sees Muntz coming up fast. Carl gathers his footing and continues to climb out of frame.

6) Carl just put out the flames on his house. He is breathing heavily with his back turned to us - Russell says 'you gave away Kevin'. Cut to Russell - 'You just gave her away'. Carl quietly says to himself 'This is none of my concern' Then turns yelling in anger 'I didnt ask for any of this!!'


  1. Oh cool! Thanks for the breakdown!
    I love finding out who animated what shots!
    Those are some really memorable parts! :D
    I especially loved the young Carl and Ellie sequence!
    and when he throws the chair.. you did such a great job with his thought process. It's so clear that he has the idea to throw out all of his furniture.
    I absolutely loved the movie, loved it, loved it, loved it! You guys did an excellent job!

    Congrats again! I can't imagine how exciting it must be to watch a film you've been a part of up on the big screen. I'm getting anxious myself!

    I will for sure be seeing this one multiple times in theaters!

  2. Awesome shots man! :D I hope we could find more posts like this on the web... it really inspires and makes us think how much you guys are involved in which scene..

    I still wonder who animated the shot when Carl realizes Ellie kinda ended the scrapbook... he was kinda crying out loud inside.. but in character all the time.. that should have been very hard to pull off..

    the shot you did with the kids was one of my favourites too... those first 15-20 minutes of the film were breathtaking ;P

  3. Fantastic movie dude! Congrats again! We loved it!