Sunday, September 7, 2014

Pixar Post Podcast

I recently did a interview for a podcast over at the website

They are doing a series titled Pixar Pipeline Project in which they speak to different Pixarians about the different stages of production. I, like most I suppose, gets nervous talking about oneself. Especially when you, the talker, go back and listen to yourself speak. 'Do I really sound like that?' 'My voice sounds like Scooby Doo and Krusty the Clown had a kid' are just a few of the things that pop into my head as I listen to my own voice played back to me.

That being said, they did a great job! They edited out a lot of my stammering and fumbling of words so that when you hear my answers, I sound way smarter and direct then I am in person. Now if only they could edit me in real time

If you have a half hour, listen to the new-and-improved me here:


  1. I'm really glad you posted again! I've been following your blog since I was about 14/15 where I just really dreamed about Pixar. I'm now 21 and still live in Brazil, but I'm 2013 I received a scholarship and studied Computer Science in UCDavis for a year, and I did visit Pixar two times during the time I was there. Thank you so much for keeping my dream alive. Creating things trying to maintain how Pixar do lead me to some really cool small projects, and I'm really glad for your help.

    As a fan, I created a fanart for Jack Jack from The Incredibles being 10 years old and having his type of fun haha. Just for fun really. I hope you can enjoy watching it just as much as I did doing it. And if someone at Pixar have fun watching it, it would be awesome!

    Thanks again. You are a true hero for me.

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