Wednesday, October 12, 2011

CARS 2 Animators Behind the Wheel

WOW, last post was August! Sorry for the delay in posting. It's hard to do animation updates when your working on a film that won't come out til the end of 2013. Nevertheless, I promise to post more often. Even if it's just to say hello on a weekly basis.
Now that Cars 2 has done it's run in theatres and is soon coming out on DVD, I can share with you some of the footage that is getting released online. Over a year ago I got to drive really fast and get paid for it! (I love my job) 

Since we were all about to start animating cars for the film, it's important we understand how they move. How the weight shifts when you hit the gas or apply the brakes. Here is a snippet from that fun day.  I'm in one of those silver cars :0)

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  1. i really like the Cars movie. Specially the first movie where lighting were stuck in route 99.

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