Thursday, September 16, 2010


A few weeks back the OMCA - Oakland Museum of California had a family day for all Pixar Employees to see the new exhibit, PIXAR / 25 Years of Animation. I remember 5 years ago when it opened in NYC while I was working at BlueSky, I was excited and a bummed at the same time. Excited to see the exhibit, bummed that I was not part of it.

5 years later, on a different coast. I was so incredibly happy and proud to take my family to see the final exhibit before it ends its 5 year run. It was definetly a moment to exhale and enjoy all the beautiful art for a day, after a 13 year (4745 days) journey to Pixar.

Gotta stick a post-it where ever I go :)
Still the best art I ever created - My two beautiful kids.
Must have LUXO for it to be a Pixar Event
Cover of the OMCA - 25 Years of Pixar Museum Book
My good friend, Daniel's drawing. Known him since college when we both dreamed of working for the Lamp, over 16 years ago. So proud to see his art in the show!

The Mighty Zoetrope!


  1. Every time I hear your stories, I just get so excited for you!
    I don't know who I'm happier for, Pixar or you!

  2. Man... that place look incredible! I'm going to have to hit it up when I'm up there for graduation. Can't wait!!!

  3. Hey Aaron, that sounds really great and I can feel how proud and happy you must be :)
    Wish I could see this exhibition as well, as I love all the Pixar artwork!

  4. Hey Aaron, I'm starting at Pixar next Monday n the story dept. I saw the Pixar exhibition in London for the 20th anniversary now I'm hoping to catch the Oakland 25th anniversary! It's worth seeing again if only for that amazing 'immersive' multi-screen montage they put together with artwork from all the films.