Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Aaron Hartline, you just finished Toy Story 3! What are you going to do now? 'I'm Going To DisneyLand!'

Its becoming sort of a family tradition, finish up working on a film then take a small family vacation down at Disneyland. Having a 3 year old, I know these days wont last long where Disney is a magical place for him. So im going to enjoy each of these years while they last.
The Hartlines in front of the Magical Castle

Mickey and my boy

Jackson trying to pull the sword from the stone. Hmm, something tells me he wont be the next king.

Jackson 'Rocky' Hartline


  1. That last picture is really cool!
    Congrats on finishing Toy Story!

  2. You have a great family. The picture of your son pulling the sword is funny, he is really putting some effort, trying to get that out.

    Definitely a well deserved break.

  3. I was raised on yearly Disneyland trips, it's still magical to me. Keep it up and it will always be special to him :) Congrats on finishing TS3!

  4. That picture of Jackson pulling that sword from the stone is the best. I recall having that same constipated look on my face when trying to pull that sword from that stupid stone. :)

  5. Haha! The expression of your boy trying to pull out the sword is a classic!