Friday, April 16, 2010

Field Trip

Today the Pixar animators got a field trip to The Walt Disney Family Museum. Honestly, I am a huge Disney fan but I wasn't expecting much from the museum. A few photos of Walt, awards, maybe a pencil he used - I figured that would be it. Boy was I wrong. There is so much art and history in that building. I learned about a struggling artist, a daydreamer, a visionary, someone who believed so much in themself when no one else did. I wish I could share it all with you here on this website. Hopefully these few pics below and my words will be enough for you to go visit whenever your in S.F.
We all met at the Presidio in SF, where our manager handed out a ticket to each of us

The building is pretty bland on the outside, but oh what wonders that lie within!

This way to Walt's life

Inside 'No Pictures' signs are everywhere. The only picture I took without security noticing was one of the floor.


  1. haha! I can see you taking a random picture of the floor. :)

  2. I'm definitely going to have to check this out when I comebout that way in July. Sounds like a great place to spend an afternoon. Thanks Aaron!

  3. Thats might have been such a wonderful experience. I believe that for you, animators, Walt is very admired and also for us, fans.
    Thanks for posting one more time

  4. This sounds like an amazing place to visit! Hopefully one of these days, possibly this summer, I can make my way out to California and visit the museum. Thanks for sharing your experience and few photos...just enough to make us want to see more! ha!

  5. Walt Disney is one of my greatest influences. I am glad to see Pixar adopt a lot of his philosophy on film making.

    The greatest thing about Walt Disney for me was not his ability to draw or paint. Walt Disney was able to inspire and create a team of people from completely different backgrounds and inspire them to create some of the greatest films and parks ever made. Walt was a visionary and he continues to inspire people.

    I hope to check out the museum soon myself. Thanks for Posting :)