Saturday, February 13, 2010

My TS3 Trailer Shots

A new TOY STORY 3 trailer has been released.
Below is a edited down version of the shots I animated.
I was excited to see a lot of my shots that i've been animating for the last year is now out there for public viewing. At the same time, I'm a little bummed. I really don't have much left that hasn't already been shown in the two trailers released. I do have one sequence of shots that I just finished up on that is by far one of the most challenging shots I ever animated. Sorry, no hints. You'll have to wait til June 18th :)


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  2. Can't say anything.. It's what I've been waiting for so many years now.. U guys make us wanna keep going without stoping animating. Thanks

  3. I want to see it! Seems to be gone dude :)
    Ray Ro

  4. congratulation for the nomination!! and splendid work for TS3!

  5. Works for me Raymond?? Give it another go,

    Thanks Pakoto and Left!!

  6. That should be a big honor, Aaron your work and others is straight up a leading the charge for the movie of the dream job. Hilarious work, looks awesome