Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Geek-Out 'Thing'

All men have their 'thing'. Some a guys its easy to spot, sports. They enjoy sitting back with a beer and watching their favorite team. Knowing all the stats of each player, who was traded, the chances of them making the playoff, etc. Other guys love cars, working on their old beater each weekend, even buying magazines on it.

Mine? I love memoriablia. When I was younger I always dreamed of the day that I would be working on films for a living. I could just imagine the halls of my home would be lined with all the different movie posters that I worked on.

So, when a new poster is released of the film i'm working on, thats my 'thing'. I make sure I get all the signatures of the animators in the department (use to be the entire studio, but Pixar is over 1000 employed). Lastly, I find one artist that inspires me. On UP, that person was my good friend Daniel Lopez Munoz. I met Dan at Columbia College of Chicago back in '95, he was a student aid for the animation department and I was animation student. Dan took a 3D animation course the semester before and shared all his tips and tricks. From there we both worked at Big Idea (where we designed the show 321 Penguins) and BlueSky (where we worked on ROBOTS and ICEAGE2). Now we both work at Pixar, Dan designed the main villian in UP, Charles Muntz and I got to animate him.

Above is Dan's generous contribution to my poster. Thank You Dan!


  1. that is the most awesome piece of memoriablia ever, not just a signature but a huge drawing :D thanks for sharing man

  2. In my Tenfold: #2 blog, I posted a pic of my son's sculpture of Larry Boy. It's awesome. He has autism and did that one a couple of years ago. Using animation is huge in getting him motivated to learn and interact. You guys have no idea what your talent does for others. I personally love penguins and think 321 rocks. And my geek thing is wanting to work at the local theater so I can get all the cool t-shirts! If only my schedule will not permit. :) Happy Creating.

  3. If schedule will not permit. * oops!

  4. Thats a reallly good drawing and memory about the movie. Muntz represents a lot in Up and his image would remember a fan the hole story..
    thanks for sharing experiences..

  5. Hey Aaron, this is really cool...I love all the posters with the signatures and drawings! I didn't realize you were into this kind of stuff, because I am too! I only have one poster so far and it's a mini poster of "UP" that Pete Docter sent me that is signed by him and he sketched Carl Fredrickson on it, which I thought was awesome. Other than the poster, I collect drawings from different animators from the studios...a goal of my own at the moment is to try to get each director of each Pixar film to draw me the characters on of that film on a piece of Pixar stationary for far Pete Docter has done it for me (he drew Carl, Russell, Dug and Kevin of "UP"), no luck with the others, but it's a start! I have always had the same dream about my house being covered with awesome memorabilia covering the walls. It's a cool hobby, thanks for sharing your posters! I love that idea and if I ever make it to the big studios, I may have to do that as well for myself. :)