Sunday, December 20, 2009

My 1st TOYSTORY Shots

Sorry for the big break between posts. Working hard on finishing up on Toy Story 3.
ABC is showing a sneak peak of TS3 tonite during The Incredibles. Below is my first shots on TS3 that I was assigned. The shots are longer, but for TV it has been edited down.
When starting my 1st Toy Story shots - I just stared at Woody for a good 2 days. I was scared to touch him. Its like George Lucas telling you 'go ahead and turn on Luke's Lightsaber, go have fun'. On the 3rd day I made him blink, then slowly got into animating. Now 9 months later, im sad that I will soon be saying goodbye to Andy's Toys.


  1. Hey Aaron,

    This looks so good. I cant wait to see this movie.


  2. Hey Aaron, its been a while since your last post. Nice to see you back!
    This tiny shot seems to be really great, I've been posting about TS3 on my blog too, can't wait to see it on June.

  3. Looking fabulous, I'm really excited to see what you all do - you can do it! Grew up with Andy too, and it's hard to believe we're both getting this old. Jeepers.