Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ICE AGE : Dawn of The Dinosaurs

Last March when I left BlueSky for the west coast, IA3 was just beginning. I was a bit bummed to only do two shots on the entire film. When I went this past weekend - I was shocked to see I got my name in the credit. 

The original ICEAGE was my 1st film - when watching it, I always remember the good times. A bunch of kids trying to pull off a feature film. None of us ever working on one before. Its really nice to have my name on all 3 of the films of the trilogy. 

Now if there is ever a 4th - I may have to go back and see if they can let me animate one shot.

the credit list

shot 1 - this shot is longer,  cut down for the trailer - in the film, Scrat faints then comes back up hugging onto the tree

shot 2 - this is what I see in the computer while animating the shot. Added snow by modeling long triangles w a animation cycle so I could be reminded of the force he was struggling against.

shot 2 - the final animation. My last Scrat shot - I miss you little guy.


  1. Aaron,

    You make really cartoony animation look so easy!

    Amazing work and very inspiring.


  2. I love when you post your animation clips! Hope all is well

  3. Wowsas! All thshots you show here. Are some of my favourite parts of the movies. I can put a name to the magic..nice!

  4. How cool is that? Awesome body of work here. Look forward to seeing more of your sticky notes, too.