Monday, April 27, 2009

Mystery Men

I love working at PIXAR. Where else do you get to watch a movie at lunch time - then meet the cast and crew after.
Mystery Men - hopefully coming to a theatre near you!

movie still

Meet the Mystery Men


  1. Oh yea, the cast of the Derrick comedy online sketches. Those guys are hilarious!

  2. Hey Aaron big time fan of yours! I was keeping up with your work when suddenly your site dissappeared....then i saw that you had got a job at pixar.!!! wow you're actually here in the bay area!!! That is so cool!!! When did this happen?
    so awesome!!! My name is Elliott Gibson II by the being tutored by Jason mentor and I can't wait to get into the industry and meet all the people like you have inspired me over the years.


  3. Thanks Elliott -
    Its nice to know that people are reading the posts.

    Its a small industry - im sure our paths will cross one day.

    When they do - use the code word - COCOPUFFS. :)