Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Back when I was attending Columbia College of Chicago, every so often I would get the occasional 'are you the Aaron who did that kick-ass drawing?' I would hang my head down and point to the red headed guy on the other side of the animation room, the very talented Mr. Aaron Johnson.

Aaron is now the creator/artist of 'What The Duck' comic strip. A great strip about a duck and his camera. 

I got a phone call at work from my two year old son saying 'wanna open it!' When I got home I found out what he was talking about - Aaron was kind enough to send me a Walter Ducket plushy (that my son has taken and called 'Bella') and a original painting on the box that Walter came in. 

Thank You Aaron! Your artwork is on its way!!

Walter and the box he came in

'What The Duck' comic strip

Walter 'Bella' Ducket visits Pixar


  1. WTD is wonderful. I always look forward to see a new strip.

  2. Aw! Just saw your portrait of Bella on Aaron's WTD site.


  3. So you went to Columbia, cool! I graduated 2006 with a photography degree, so Aaron Johnson went there then also? Did he take photo classes there? Did you?